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Internal audit independent association IAIA” was established on the 8th December 2016 by Colen Mosehlane (Operations head and founder).
As a former Vaal University of Technology prospective student, I was very dedicated and always shown compassion for internal auditing and I came to a point where I have decided to start a platform as internal audit group association for students to interact and share internal audit topics and discuss trending issues.
The association is/was established to create effective, conducive and relevant environment that will expose students to the corporate world of internal audit as a way of enabling students and other individuals to obtain necessary knowledge and experience needed to perform internal audit services.

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Our Services


Internal audit, advisory and assurance
Is associated with degree of objective assurance and consulting activity designed to feature worth and improve an organization’s operations.it will facilitate a company accomplish its strategic objectives by delivering a systematic ,disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, governance processes and risk management.(theiia.org)
IIA internal audit services facilitate boards and senior executives higher manage enterprise risks. As auditors we facilitate and enhance the effectiveness .quality, and worth received from internal audit.



The process of getting ready managements reports and accounts that offer accurate and timely money and applied mathematics data needed by managers to create data after short run choices. Unlike money accounting, that produces annual reports primarily for external stakeholders, management accounting generates monthly or weekly such as sales revenue, quantity of orders ,state of accounts due and assets, outstanding debts, material and inventory through embody trend charts,varience analysis, and alternative statistics all this information will be evident and generated from the financial statements.


involves the recording, storing and retrieving of monetary transactions for a corporation, nonprofit making organization, individual, etc
Our common monetary transactions and tasks includes :
Billing for products sold out or services provided to clients
Recording receipts from customers
Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers
Paying suppliers
Processing employees’ and therefore the connected governments reports
Monitoring individual assets
Recording depreciation and making adjustment entries
Providing monetary reports



Increasingly sophisticated tax legislation implies that each business from advertising to agriculture, media to mining, banking to assembling- desires innovative tax consultant services. Our tax services have a tendency to perceive the role tax responsibility plays sensible company citizenship. We have a tendency to stay committed to providing our clients with solid tax recommendation to steer them through these responsibilities.
This includes advising on how to structure the affairs in very tax efficient way; from the final activities of the business all the way down to specific needs. We are able to supply the most recommendation of the business, regardless of the size.


Forensic auditing is a specialization within the field of accounting, and forensic auditors often provide expert testimony during trial proceedings. Most large accounting firms have a forensic auditing department.
We cover a wide range of investigative activities; this will include serving as an expert witness in a fraud trail. This service could also cover situations that do not involve fraud or embezzlement, such as disputes related to a bankruptcy, business closure and corruption.



Any business that has quite one worker should have a payroll system .Paying staff systematically and with no delays not solely impacts their morale, however it additionally reflects the company’s money stability.Moreover,it’s a demand for compliance with federal and state laws. Whereas this is often a fancy method, having an economical system helps contour and alter the payroll technique.
In essence, the payroll management method refers to the administration of an employee’s money record which incorporates the salaries, wages, bonuses, deductions, and interest pay. These records should be maintained and unbroken by the responsible personnel for federal necessities, particularly once it pertains to payroll taxes like tax withholding record, social insurance (FICA) records, and federal state Tax (FUTA) records.


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